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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Here in Latin America, there are no big beautiful garbage trucks that come on schueduled days to wisk away pesky trash bags to some hidden location, out of the sight and mind of the producer. It is not some abstract concept, nor are its consequences, waste is not magically taken to some far off land where it can be forgotten about. Trash is burned on dry days in the backyards, and the smoke fills the entire town.

I´ve become more aware of the trash I produce as I breath this smoke and image in the wrapper from the snickers bar I ate earlier that day coats the inside of my lungs. With my lungs in mind I´ve begun to reduce the amount of plastic waste I produce.

The disposal razor, although quite convient, poises a problem as it produces a lot of waste when compared to the amount of clean shaves it gives. Expensive quad razors and inexpensive disposals that have a high plastic wates to shave raito.

In a ´mini super mercado´ (perhaps goboxes in themselves) I found the answer to my shaving problems :

The ´Happiness Razor Shaving Kit.´

The unit , with carrying case, came for a mere $1.50, and the inserts are 10 cents a piece. After a clean shave with this razor, which I have been using for about 3 weeks, all thats left is the metal razor which could probably be recycled, or at least some how deposited in a way that is more enviromentally friendly than burning plastic. The razor inserts also come in carboard boxes that decompose.

Go box happiness shaving, indeed. Next step is to find a go box shaving cream.