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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Go box Farm, Garden, Meal

What is the go box meal? Where does the go box meal come from? The Go box garden or farm, of course.

But what is a go box farm or garden? Steven Shapin of the New Yorker wrote an article recently discussing how the sucess of Whole Foods is forcing some to redefine what organic agriculture is, and what its aims are. Here is a quotation from the May 15th New Yorker:

A former Nutritionist at Columbia, who went on to grow produce upstate, recalls, "When we said organic, we meant local. We meant healthful. We meant mutually respectful growers and eaters. We meant social justice and equality."

In the article, Shapin also sites Sir Albert Howard writings as the "orgins of the organic movement." His book, "an agricultural testament" is on line here, and might give an idea of what the go box farm looks like.

Both the article and the book have a lot to offer the go box perspective. As i go through the book I´ll probably post more here.