The toyota land cruiser is to all cars as X is to set of x. And things about Panama

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Go Box Cell phone

What is the best cellphone in terms of ruggedness, durability, dependability, efficiently, and effectiveness?

The efficiency variable would have to be defined in terms of initial investment, and battery life.

effectiveness and durability would have to be defined as ability to receive and make calls from areas of varying degrees of , in addition to the easy of use for functions.

Durability and ruggedness would be defined as the ability to drop it in a stram, bounce pass it to your friend across a street, and still make a call. Also, to keep it in your back pocket and not have it get crushed or tweaked out by butt sweat.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yugo box

Make magizine rocks. Heres a entry on Yugo sculpture art on from thier blog.

Yugo is the no go-box.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Go Box Manifesto

The Toyota Land Cruiser is to all cars as x is to y.

Go box is simple. Maximize efficiency and effectiveness for anything, with room for style, and consideration for environmental and social impact. This may seem very abstract and vague, however it is a model, or form, or frame to hold up to anything in the world and make a "Go box reading" from the formula, like a go box meter of go box-ness.

The name comes from the original go box, which is the small four cylinder Asian pickup truck from the 1980s. These trucks serve as strong but simple machines, nether decadent nor depraved.

Go box food

What is the best meal? What is the most go box food one can eat? A while back Scientific American Frontiers featured a scientist who was dealing with this very question - what should you eat to live a long energic life. He fed tow diets to rats, one low in nutrients and high in calories, the other the revers. Watching the rats on screen showed right away that the low cal, high nutrient rats were much more energetic, running around there rat wheels, and aged slower while living longer.

Heres the go box meal he recommended:

i havent tried it yet but am looking to soon.

Ill let you know how it goes.